Argentine Tango



Tango was born in the late 19th century in the popular neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Montevideo and came from a pool of European, South American and African elements, and in particular thousands of immigrants who flocked to the port of Buenos Aires in search of a better fortune.


"Tango es caminar con una mujer al pecho", " Tango is to walk with a woman in the chest".

Simply put, tango is a feeling that one can dance to, a feeling unique and momentary, a moment of happiness captured for a few minutes, as long as a tango lasts, but if you experience this feeling even once in your life you are constantly looking for it.

Academia del Tango


Academia del Tango was created for the study, promotion and learning of the dance, the music and the culture of Argentine Tango.

Vangelis Hatzopoulos and Marianna Koutantou, European Champions as well as Champions of Greece in Tango Salon, have the artistic direction and teaching.

Academia del Tango was founded in 2000 and is housed in a neoclassical building in the center of Athens, a few meters from Thissio Station. In 2013, a new site of 200 sq.m. and of high aesthetic appeal too has been added to Academia del Tango.

Members of the Academia del Tango have the opportunity to discover and teach Tango in two unique places inspired by the golden age of Tango and the interwar period.

Today, Academia del Tango, already 19 years old, continues its course, always remaining faithful to the magic of Tango.



Tango nights


Every Thursday from 22:00 the milonga (Argentine tango night) “El Cabeceo” is held at the Academia del Tango Studio (15 Agatharchou Str., Psiri).

Under the sounds of classic tango we are transported to the magic of another era, embracing, dancing and feeling the mystery that only tango can offer!


Every Sunday from 20:00 the students of Academia del Tango and all who want to learn about tango, have the opportunity to practice in the Practica which is organized in the special area of Academia del Tango Home (129 Ermou Str., Monastiraki).

If you are fond of learning, if you want to remember a step, if you have tangoquestions and, of course, positive energy and smile, we are waiting for you…

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Academia del Tango, Home


129 Ermou Str., 105 55, Monastiraki


Academia del Tango, Studio


15 Agatharchou Str., 105 54, Psiri



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