Academia del Tango is the oldest tango school in Greece since 2000. 

Our school teachers are European Champions and Finalist at the Buenos Aires World Championship.  

Our school has the 2 most magical tango sites in the center of Athens; near the Monastiraki and Thisio subway.    

Academia del Tango hosts tango nights in Athens with a perfume of Buenos Aires, as well as shows and seminars with internationally renowned dancers.

Academia del Tango for the 20th year now introduces you to the steps of Argentine tango and invites you to fall in love with this magical dance in the warmest embrace…


Academia del Tango Home

Academia Del Tango “Home” is set in a preserved building of the last century that, combined with a selection of antique and old-fashioned furniture, create an environment that perfectly matches the sensuality, nostalgia and romance of the tango. 

You will find it at 129 Ermou Str., Monastiraki.

Academia del Tango Studio

Academia del Tango “Studio” is an atmospheric, spacious site of 200 sq.m. with retro aesthetics in the colors of tango. The wooden floor, red velvet curtains and warm lighting frame the magic unfolding on the steps of this sensual dance.

You will find it at 15 Agatharhou Str., Psiri.